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US-2005110765-A1: Apparatus and method for capturing site data while scuba diving patent, US-2005128655-A1: Pulsed current generator circuit with charge booster patent, US-2005148234-A1: Apparatus for connecting a test unit to a data line patent, US-2005185434-A1: System for controlling the dissipated power supply of a power stage working in a mixed Linear/PWM mode and driving an electromagnetic load patent, US-2005185637-A1: Integrated IP-capable telephonic communications system, IP terminal information management method, IP terminal information management program, and protocol control device patent, US-2005187268-A1: Non-peptidyl agents with pHSP20-like activity, and uses thereof patent, US-2005231871-A1: Three-phase power signal processor patent, US-2005267760-A1: System and user interface for producing acoustic response predictions via a communications network patent, US-2005272447-A1: Mobile communication terminal patent, US-2005284279-A1: Friction at the jack and knuckle interface in a grand piano eliminated patent, US-2006037418-A1: Apparatus for converting rotary motion to a rectilinear force patent, US-2006043309-A1: Radiological imaging apparatus patent, US-2006103171-A1: Acoustically effective underbody covering for motor vehicles patent, US-2006128416-A1: Wireless telecommunications overlay system patent, US-2006143260-A1: Low-power booth array multiplier with bypass circuits patent, US-2006154750-A1: Flex schedule playoff system patent, US-2006224264-A1: Tape out template system and method patent, US-2006226881-A1: Sampling phase detector for delay-locked loop patent, US-2006260331-A1: Transportable pumping unit and method of fracturing formations patent, US-2006268010-A1: Processing an overlay based on configured and settings values patent, US-2007026996-A1: Shift control apparartus and shift control method of automatic transmission of vehicle patent, US-2007027108-A1: Method of producing effective bacterial cellulose-containing formulations patent, US-2007027654-A1: Electric power generating facility operation remote supporting method and electric power generating facility operation remote supporting system patent, US-2007069251-A1: Touch panel patent, US-2007115312-A1: Method of operating a continuous ink jet printer apparatus patent, US-2007125180-A1: Method for determining a strain property of a web patent, US-2007126803-A1: Liquid-droplet jetting apparatus patent, US-2007133080-A1: Electrophoretic dispersion liquid and electrophoretic display device patent, US-2007182290-A1: Fabrication of Broadband Graded Transducer Using Piezoelectric Partial Composites patent, US-2007189104-A1: Memory device with reduced word line resistance patent, US-2007196065-A1: Optical waveguide for transmitting surface plasmon-polariton wave patent, US-2007198449-A1: Method and apparatus for safe ontology reasoning patent, US-2007200882-A1: Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus patent, US-2007239588-A1: Methods and apparatuses for string translation patent, US-2007262956-A1: Input method with a large keyboard table displaying on a small screen patent, US-2007263225-A1: Counting signal processing method for fiber optic interferometric sensor patent, US-2007267113-A1: Method and process of non-isothermal aging for aluminum alloys patent, US-2007268022-A1: Measurement circuit and test apparatus patent, US-2007268763-A1: Method for controlling precharge timing of memory device and apparatus thereof patent, US-2007280334-A1: METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DYNAMIC SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT OF xDSL UPSTREAM AND DOWNSTREAM SHARED FREQUENCY patent, US-2008011769-A1: Media distribution system patent, US-2008021241-A1: Process for production of methacrylic acid patent, US-2008031002-A1: Bicycle Lighting System patent, US-2008041611-A1: Flat cable patent, US-2008048153-A1: Nanocarbon Composite Structure Having Ruthenium Oxide Trapped Therein patent, US-2008063326-A1: Linear motion guide apparatus having ball retaining device patent, US-2008142688-A1: Reflection Type Optical Detector patent, US-2008159642-A1: Method for Obtaining a Phase Image from an Intensity Image patent, US-2008237433-A1: Picture perfect corners patent, US-2008250257-A1: Energy efficient memory access technique for single ended bit cells patent, US-2008267111-A1: Data Transmitting Method in Wireless Communication System patent, US-2008290552-A1: Microporous polyolefin film patent, US-2008305201-A1: Injection molding machine having screw equipped with check ring and injection molding machine patent, US-2008315615-A1: Electric side-window roll-up shade patent, US-2009035654-A1: Laminate-cased battery formed with tab resin adhered to portions of tabs extended from laminate casing patent, US-2009042685-A1: Transmission patent, US-2009070063-A1: Locating ferromagnetic objects in a single pass patent, US-2009088166-A1: Methods and apparatus for communicating an interference quotient to improve preemptive roaming patent, US-2009090164-A1: Method for volumetrically calibrating a liquid flow controller while maintaining the liquid in a closed system patent, US-2009094788-A1: Surface cleaning implemenent with magnetic coupled fan patent, US-2009097961-A1: Hydroelectric System patent, US-2009099704-A1: Digital controller patent, US-2009108818-A1: Switching power supply circuit patent, US-2009120185-A1: Stemless hemispherical resonator gyroscope patent, US-2009128131-A1: Detector patent, US-2009145258-A1: Steering Column Assembly patent, US-2009145448-A1: Smoking cylinder with cleanout patent, US-2009169643-A1: Composition for Enhancing Immune Function patent, US-2009195985-A1: Thermal module assembly patent, US-2009204282-A1: Shift position sensor error detection device patent, US-2009216655-A1: Method of auction - Motion Reverse Auction patent, US-2009289454-A1: Method of operating a wind power station patent, US-2009315240-A1: Printing system, control method for printing system, and storage medium patent, US-2010002609-A1: Method and device for transmitting complementary data in an analog radio transmission system patent, US-2010013576-A1: Switchable bandpass filter having stepped-impedance resonators loaded with diodes patent, DE-2134297-A1: patent, US-2010053079-A1: Remote control system including a display panel and a terminal for remote-controlling the display panel, and remote control method in the remote control system patent, US-2010061031-A1: Protection Device against Electrical Discharges in Aircraft patent, US-2010100318-A1: Navigation apparatus and method thereof patent, US-2010111665-A1: Internal yaw drive exchange for a wind turbine tower patent, US-2003192604-A1: Rotary drag valve patent, US-2004021421-A1: Magnetron for microwave ovens patent, US-2004027986-A1: Digital signal processing system patent, US-2004074806-A1: Magazine strip for ratchets and tools for handling the same patent, US-2004076446-A1: Support bracket/backup show assembly for web-cleaning cartridge patent, US-2004089379-A1: Age-hardenable aluminium alloys patent, US-2004096148-A1: Wavelength tunable add-drop optical filter patent, US-2004099185-A1: Quick binder for self compacting concrete, use and application of same patent, US-2004114584-A1: Communication system with connectable interface device patent, US-2004166165-A1: Process for making polymeric particles patent, US-2004184559-A1: Quadra-polar modulator patent, US-2004231602-A1: Method for determining of moment for insemination of lactating cows patent, US-2004243749-A1: Quick save system and protocol, monitor program and smart button firmware of the same patent, US-2004243830-A1: Method and system of secret communication patent, US-2004252133-A1: Method and user interface for modifying at least one of contrast and density of pixels of a processed image patent, US-2004267471-A1: Lithography tool image quality evaluating and correcting patent, US-2005001174-A1: Housing for receiving a light sensor and device for detecting of UV radiation patent, US-2005015868-A1: Integrated swimming goggles mechanism patent, US-2005086132-A1: System and method for site-specific electronic record keeping patent, US-2005153956-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions comprising midazolam in a high concentration patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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